Mood Alerts

Avoid the Rage!

Each month a few days before her PMS starts, you will be notified, so you can either get prepared, or run.

Be Ready When She Is!

Never miss the 5 days each month she is most "in the mood". You'll wonder how you ever lived without this alert.

Thank you Mood Alerts! The PMS alerts have reduced the fighting each month.  And the "In the Mood" alerts have definitely increased the quality time between the sheets!!!

Kenny E.
Kenny E. Mood Alerts User

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This is the best idea ever! I think if you love your spouse your willing to do what it takes to man up.

Jeremy K.
Jeremy K. Mood Alerts User

Remember the two rules of Mood Alerts. First Rule - Do not talk about Mood Alerts with women. Second Rule - See rule number one!

Tim Smith
Tim Smith Founder, Club for Heroic Men